Ho la testa confusissima

Fondazione VOLUME! Granpalazzo, Zagarolo

28-29 May 2016

VOLUME! Foundation presents a choral performance-work directed by the artist Giuseppe Gallo (Rogliano CS, 1954), an operation that metaphorically interprets the spirit and the 'modus operandi' that have characterized VOLUME’s! venue in Rome’s Trastevere district over the past twenty years. For the two days of GRANPALAZZO 2016, the audience will participate to a process of continuous construction and distraction, which will come to climax in a very precise moment. According to Gallo, a simple gesture is enough to transform what has been modelled into something different. Chance, or fate, alter the present to generate the new and unattended, diverse yet just as interesting. As the transformations which happen in nature…The uniqueness of a moment modifies a second into eternity.